BeardedBear The Game

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The Game

Weapon System

Super dynamic gameplay! Weapons are created by the combination of a weapon type and a bullet type. Everything is possible: pistols that shoots bullets, shotguns that shoots arrows, miniguns that shoots other miniguns, even flamethrowers that shoots poisoned darts! Keep an eye on them, because those will lasts only for 15 seconds each. So be sure to always have a fresh gun on your hairy hands!

Exp System

Experience left on the ground goes to the enemies! Not only you are able to collect the experience and level up, choosing a powerup. The aliens can steal your experience and force you to choose a powerup for them, so move fast and don t let them take it!


Gorgeous handcrafted pixelart! Time-travel through 15 different eras as you jump and shoot in awesome 16 bit style graphics!


Unique soundtrack based on the current weapon and bullet type! In addition to being always original and different every time, it also lets you know instantly what weapon type you have at the moment.