Alpha Download

PC only
Mac and Linux coming soon

This is a very early and in development build of the game.
This means that it's incomplete, it could not refelect the final product, and can be buggy.
If you feel that something is wrong or the game crashes on you, please do report it to us.

Please note that this is a demo build.
You will be able to play the first 7 level, after that you will be throwed in a "sandbox level".
The final game will have 16 main levels with 4 bosses and then it will be loopable with other different mechanics.

- Added ingame leaderboards in the main menu
- Fixed some problem in the coop rebinding keys
- Fixed audio bug that makes the game lag in long session of play
- Added combo end effect
- Added combo color, showing approximately how good/bad is your powerup score coefficent
- Fixed powerful rocket making closer explosions
- Fixed a crash in the 0.2.5a
- Added R to Restart ingame to quickly restart the run
- Added sfx to combo and weapon
- Fixed combo not showing in the coop
- Minor fixes and tweaking

Older builds:

- Added global highscore leaderboards on both game and server side (learderboards will be only on website at the moment)
- All the weapon's bases are remastered with new and polished bass
- Fixed music not fading when picking up a crate with the portal open

- Fixed props spawning too far from platforms
- Better combo thing, now the score value of the single exp drops is multiplied by your current combo when you grab it
- Score is also modified by the powerup you choose! Every PowerUp has now a coefficent, when you pick it up that coefficent will be used to get a mean of all the coefficents of the powerups you currently have and that final mean (range from 0.5 to 1.5 max) will be multiplied to the exp value too (TL;DR: now bad power ups will grant you a better score!)
- Added link to the leaderboards from the death screen

- Polished songs transition with a smoother fade in/out
- When you pickup a new weapon with already another one in your furry hands now the two songs will fade in sync with each other
- The main menu now picks a random background from the first level to your best level

- Fixed problems for ultrawide setups
- Better gamepad support with dual preset for both keyboard and gamepad simultaneously
- New button sprite in the tutorial
- Now you are forced to heal to complete the tutorial
- New "Press D to join our discord" thing in the menu
- New "Press U to update" thing in the menu
- Even better tutorial, now it should be finally complete
- Unlockables! Now all the beards are locked by default and you have to complete different tasks to unlock all of them
- Small balance tweak to the first level
- Reduced the number of enemy that you have to kill in fun mode to go to the next level
- Made the floating text of the weapon pick up double the size to make it more readable
- Fixed a bug in 0.2.2b where you could heal before the heal time in the tutorial and get stuck there